Thursday, August 31, 2006

I thought It was about time I make one and only one more post on my behalf of all this nonsense because that is exactly what it is all nonsense..we have all had alot of disagreements and because of course they are the ones out to be nice guys they will be right regardless well I wish I would of never fell for that crap because now my life is more screwed up than ever before...all this money was raised to help me start a new life a better one everyone kept saying but I went along with it and it turns out every time I think maybe I shouldn't it turns out I shouldn't have I could of left porn and everything else without them and been in the same place I am in now so what was the point well actually I would of prolly been better has done nothing but cause me to owe out alot of money and cant seem to get caught up it has me in a place I have no one or anything and it has cost me my marriage and I am sick to death of all this being put on my husband like it is all his fault it is about time everyone be held accountable for what they have caused the only good thing that has came out of any of this is my daughter is now in a school where she can get the help and tutoring she needs for her speech so that next year she will be caught up to where she needs to be but that is it..I think thats these guys idea of the project was a good idea but they have went about it all wrong and hope no other girl gets caught up in know that what bothers me is xxxchurch number one thing they work for is to help people with there porn addiction...well we all know my husband has a big problem with it and how have they helped him they told him in a email to grow and just quit looking at it oh yeah and that he was a complete idiot exact words yeah that is really helping someone but no they seem to what to make all this about fighting with him and making it his fault that they couldn't do what they sought out to do. there idea to help me is go to church now yeah I should prolly go to church but in all reality that isn't fixing my problems now with money a place to live or the therapist I need now that I have went through all this. my husband is now completely done with the church and believing in anything that he has believed most of his life but then again he seems to be pretty much done with anyone involved in this situation including me he has stopped trying with us because the trying and work we both have been doing seems to get cut off every turn we make so that is how this has all helped but I think that is about it I just wanted my thoughts heard oh and I really hope people aren't spending the money on the video above or any other money for the trinity project because there is no trinity project and the money is just going to fill a pocket that doesn't need any help if you have any questions feel free to email me I check it frequently. oh and by the way I will be posting the whole story with all emails and everything to all the adult sites so that no one else gets fooled

Thursday, August 24, 2006

this will be the last post i make, Michelle stopped posting long ago after this has been up for a week or so i am going to return the blog to xxxchurch seeing as they seem to think if i don't have control Michelle with magically be a part of it again. she is done with them, i have been done with them for awhile. i wish them luck and hope other people get more help than we did, it was some but not enough and we both feel more money was raised than what was used and i know i can come up with financial records from my mom that show she has given us more money for food, clothes, rent and insurance then Craig has. but i know with all thier PR they will flip this on me so all i have to say is do your research before donating to any organization religious or other wise.

Friday, August 18, 2006

well we found out we are having a baby boy last week. home depot is giving me 40 hours a week and i just got moved to the paint department from being a cashier cause the hr manager knows i want to move up in the company. other than that we have just been getting ready for the baby.

Monday, July 31, 2006

got a job at home depot... part time/cashier may lead to full time. baby is doing good they set the due date to the begining of jan.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Michelle comes home today, me and my mom have to drive to nashville to pick her up seeing as it was too expensive to fly into evansville (it always is its a small airport) its a 2 1/2 hour drive which isnt nothing to me im used to doing alot of driving. got most of the stuff moved from the house to the new apartment still have a few more things to do this weekend not to mention i said it was moved not unpacked lol. we are both pretty excited for her and brandy to be home and see what happens from there. monday we will go down to welfare and see if she can get any help from the state and i start looking for a stead job as well cause im tired of waiting on the guy i was working for. There are a few people who have emailed me i have read your letters and responded to a couple of you, everyone else i will get around to emailing back. as for the blog im not sure how much longer i will post but ill try and keep it going as long as i know there is still a lot of traffic (i got a stat script in the page so i see the amount of daily visitors) so if you got a blog link it, put it on your church's website or anywhere else you can being that we arent part of xxxchurch anymore they arent going to link to us and said we wont get any traffic cause of it and i would like to prove them wrong because its not them it everyone one of you that reads the blog that gets us traffic. so with that im going to get ready so i can pick up my wife.

Friday, July 07, 2006

My mom got Michelle and Brandy plane tickets ($340) for them to get back to Evansville as well as put up the money for an apartment ($790) as for x3church we are no longer asking them for any help. When I get a chance to write everything out from start to finish I'll post it but right now I have to pack and move everything so its ready when Michelle gets home then start looking for a job.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

the blog is under reconstruction if you want to be notified when it is back up send me an email at with the subject of "blog mailing list" and i will let everyone know when michelle and i have started posting agian.